SIA SoCal Retreat

To Stand in Self

As children, we were forced to deny our realities. We were taught by those who abused us to think of ourselves as small, unable, and unworthy, but with the support of other survivors we gradually let go of this false image of ourselves. We learn to be honest and treat ourselves with the compassion and support we deserve. We learn that we are worthy and have everything we need to pursue our dreams. We actualize this truth as we learn to stand in authentic self.

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SIA SoCal Retreat 2020

April 24-26, 2020

Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Click here for directions. They ask people who go on the property to sign an indemnification waiver.

Anger Release, Sculpting,
Drawing, Writing, Games,
Sharing and Fellowship

How Much:
Early Bird Pricing before March 1, 2020

Private Room 6 Meals 360  (335 with Early Bird discount)
Shared Room 6 Meals 305  (280 with Early Bird discount)
Camping w/Showers 6 Meals    255  (230 with Early Bird discount)

Commuter Options
(you are arranging your own lodging elsewhere)
2 Day, 6 meals        240 (215 with Early Bird discount)
2 Day, No food   150  (125 with Early Bird discount)
1 Day, 2 meals   140  (115 with Early Bird discount)
1 Day, No food   110 (85 with Early Bird discount)
(registration fee is already included)

Private rooms with their own bathroom are available on a first come, first serve basis. (Shown as black stars on the map). There are also private rooms that share a connected bathroom as well (shown as white stars on the map).

Shared rooms can hold up to 4 people (for those who want that), but 2 people per room would be typical.
Click here to see a map

Scholarships are available for those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Follow this link to apply: Scholarship Application

Come early and attend the