SIA SoCal Retreat

SIA SoCal Retreat 2019
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March 1-3, 2019

Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Click here for directions. They ask people who go on the property to sign an indemnification waiver.

Anger Release, Sculpting,
Drawing, Writing, Games,
Sharing and Fellowship

How Much:

Shared Room 5 Meals 270
Camping w/Showers 5 Meals    220

Commuter (Walk-On) Options
2 Day, 5 meals   205
2 Day, No food   115
1 Day, 2 meals   120
1 Day, No food   115
(registration fee is already included)

Private rooms with their own bathroom are available on a first come, first serve basis. Presently there are no private rooms available. (Shown as black stars on the map).

Some Private rooms may have to share a bathroom (the bathroom is between two rooms - shown as white stars on the map). Presently, there are no Private rooms with private baths availible.

Shared rooms can hold up to 4 people, but 2 per room would be typical. Presently, there are shared rooms for about 6 people left.
Click here to see a map

What to help plan it?
When will be the last two Retreat Committee Meeting?
February 23, 2019 4-6 PM

In-person address: Foxy Diner
206 West Colorado St.
Glendale, CA 91204

Phone-in conference call:

(218) 339-7800; (
Conference number 3376248#