SIA SoCal Retreat

Workshops from 2018


TimeActivity & LeaderRoom
1:00-7:30pm Registration Friendship
  Dinner on your own  
7:30-9:00pm Open Share SIA Meeting Friendship
9:00-11:00pm Bonfire Outside

Saturday 9-10:30

Parts Just Wanna Have Fun: Improv Games - Rosa - Friendship

Many survivors develop parts of ourselves who are fearful of the unknown and work really hard to protect us from being vulnerable. Improv games can be a great way to practice being in the moment and experience our younger parts in a safe, fun environment. By saying "yes" to what is - accepting reality - and getting curious about, rather than fearing the future, we can experience more healing. You may find out...some parts just wanna have fun!

Vision Boards - Denise C. - Harmony

As trauma survivors we lost what should have been our birthright - to dream about a bright future for ourselves. Come explore the possibilities of what we want for our futures. The workshop will start with a quick talk, then a 5 minute guided meditation (optional) followed by working on collaging out visions and dreams on boards using magazines and art supplies.

Saturday 10:45-12:15

Creative Parts Play: User Friendly Ways to Explore What Parts Have to Say - John+ - Friendship

Often, when communicating with parts, mutual cooperation and support does not come easily. Sitting with parts emotional expressions, memories or need to control those responses can be difficult. At such times a roundabout, creative method is often helpful. In this workshop you will be provided with, and practice several creative writing methods for getting at individual parts truth, and the challenges that your adult healing self has with that showing up process. You will also be provided with time to process your writing with another survivor. Although showing up for and working with parts challenges is often painful, creative methods often bypass a portion of the pain, by making acknowledgment, normalization and support easier and less triggering.

Sculpting - Kellie - Harmony

Relive a painful experience from a positive perspective. Modify the storyline of your experience to have the realistic positive outcome you deserved and that you would have preferred. Experience that positive outcome in a way that you will never forget and can grow from. This is a powerful technique for neutralizing negative experiences and finding new inner abilities to handle past memories

Saturday 1:30-3:00pm

Inner & Outer Parenting - Mike G. - Friendship

If you are a parent and find yourself challenged or triggered by your (outer) kids behavior at times, it may be that your inner kids are attempting to get your attention via your outer kids. Parents and non-parents are welcome to attend this workshop where we will explore the aspects of parenting that trigger us, begin to identify and understand these triggers, and use them to connect more deeply with ourselves and inner parts for a more loving, supportive inner and outer system of relationships.

Emotions/Anger Release - Kit - Harmony

All emotions are welcome during this open share SIA meeting. Safety guidelines are clarified at the beginning of the meeting, along with a stretching out period. A punching bag, tennis racket, and baseball bat are available for letting out strong feelings. A cool down period follows. This is a chance to express strong emotions physi- cally while being witnessed and supported by others survivors who understand and can offer support.

Saturday 3:15-5:15pm

Art Therapy - Jeannine - Friendship

Whether youre looking for a safe space to explore and express dif- cult emotions through starting your own healing art journal or you just want to play with clay, watercolor, make a puzzle, a collage of images or words that call to different parts of your self, or just color with crayons....this is your space to explore or ground.

Psychodrama - Arianna - Harmony

Psychodrama offers a creative and action-based way in which people can explore issues and find solutions. Through the use of role playing and storytelling, participants will be able to use their own imagination and voice to heal old wounds.

Saturday Night

8:00-9:00pm "No-Talent" Talent Show Friendship
9:00-11:00pm Board games, Shame Busters, Karaoke, etc. Friendship
9:00-11:00pm Bonfire? (if attendees want to) Outside
11:00pm-?? Stargazing with Chris Outside

Sunday 6:00-8:00am

Joshua Tree Hidden Valley Guided Hike with John+ - Outside

Hidden Valley is a beautiful hike full of incredible rock formations and beautiful views. It is a 1.25 mile, hike with approximately 200 feet of elevation gain over the course of the entire hike. At a gentle walking pace, the hike will take approximately an hour and hikers should be back to the retreat facility before the breakfast hour ends. Please bring water, any snacks you may want, and a camera or cell phone if you'd like to take pics as there are many beautiful photo opportunities.

Sunday 9:00-10:30am

Pledge Writing - Tina - Friendship

This is a writing workshop in which we will write a pledge to and/or from someone. It could be to ourselves, to our parts, to our higher power; or from higher power, from one part to another, from a per- petrator to a victim, from ourselves to our process of recovery, etc... The who, what, when, why, how is up to you. The prompt will be: I ____ hereby pledge ____.

Camp Crafting - Chris - Library

Arts and Crafts is a way to heal wounds of the mind or spirit, often employed by art therapists. The rejuvenating, stress-busting results of crafts can help ground, calm, as well as allow you to spend time with your inner parts. Choose between making a glitter bouncy ball, a stress squeeze toy, or a plastic lace lanyard. If you have parts, you can make all three!

Incest, Childhood Trauma & Toxic Stress: A Medical Perspective - Mona - Harmony

This talk will address the physiological impact toxic stress has on the body and brain, the ACE Study, and what the research shows about long term health outcomes.